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Nanny Education Organisation of New Zealand

The Nanny Training Organisation of New Zealand has tailor-made a quality qualification to give you the key to a rewarding and fun career as a professional nanny and early childhood educator. The New Zealand Certificate in Nanny Education (Level 5)

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Training as a professional nanny: A great choice for you

Unlike child-minders, baby sitters and au pairs, professional nannies with the NEONZ qualification have completed a full year intensive programme combining academic study at an advanced level (Level 5) with extensive practical experience. They are knowledgeable both in child care and early childhood education.

With the growing number of working parents in the workplace today, having a nanny is now no longer associated with only the rich. For some families, employing a professionally trained nanny can often be a more practical and economical alternative to other childcare services.

As well as full-time employment a nanny can cover those unexpected situations like sick children, school holidayhs and extended work hours of the parents. Also home based childcare can often be an economical option when there is more than one child to be cared for in the family or where siblings are of school age and require after school care.

The trained professional nanny, unlike other early childhood providers has a dual role, that of supporting both the parents and children by minimising the disruption to their normal environment and routines, whilst enhancing the child’s learning experiences.

The NEONZ programme has a strong focus on early childhood education. As such it provides a great foundation for continued study at university level to become a qualified early childhood teacher.

A NEONZ nanny trains for one year, during which they are placed in a variety of family homes. This ensures that they receive both the comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the classroom and the practical skills, necessary to fulfil their role, in both care and education to the highest professional level.

All NEONZ nannies hold the New Zealand Certificate in Nanny Education (previously the NZ National Nanny Certificate), which is the national benchmark qualification for nanny education in New Zealand. This qualification is highly recognised overseas.

A NEONZ nanny is a professional and has been trained to a level which can confidently give parents the choice of a more individualised and personalised childcare option in a home setting.